Photo galleries

Early years paintings (1955-1965)

Period of study and experimentation of painting techniques, still in search of a personal artistic identity. // go to the gallery

Paintings of the first expressive identity (1966-1986)

The works are exhibited to the public in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and get a notable critical appreciation. // go to the gallery

Paintings of full maturity (1987-2014)

The works use a new technique of drawing up the color on the canvas 'with the spatula', creating an absolutely personal and original style. // go to the gallery

Crayons and mixed technique

The Crayons and mixed techniques are used to process the sketches of the works or are thought of as autonomous works, as in the case of portraits. // go to the gallery

Watercolors and gouaches

The series of 'gouaches' ​​depict religious subjects, votive devotional Calabrian coastal landscapes and the mask of Pulcinella. // go to the gallery

Graffiti and lithographs

The subjects of graffiti and lithographs range from portraiture to the human figure, to arrive to mythology and religion. // go to the gallery


Made with pencil, pen or charcoal, these jobs are usually portraits; a series of graphic works is dedicated to the figure of Pulcinella. // go to the gallery


The sculptures - made ​​of wood, clay or other materials - all referring to the early period of academic training and expressive research. // go to the gallery